• With Napoleonic tendencies and terrier-like spirit, Miniature Pinschers are cunning, playful, and depending on their breeding, utterly fearless. Adventurous types, buckle your seatbelts!

  • The jaunty beard, bushy eyebrows, and lively personality of the Miniature Schnauzer make it a fun and comical companion. They would rather get up and go than lie down and sleep, but the top priority of the Miniature Schnauzer is to be with the people he lives to please.

  • True to his heritage and looks, the Neapolitan Mastiff can be a tough character. He's suspicious of strangers, aloof with acquaintances, but fiercely loyal to family. He's generally laid-back at home, and he doesn't bark a lot. Of course, when he does, you'll hear it.

  • Newfoundlands are easygoing, face-washing people lovers and a great choice for the first-time dog owner who is not afraid of a little drool, a big dog, and a lot of hair.

  • I will fight him with both paws tied behind my back, I will! Yep, that is a Norfolk all right. Sometimes called a demon in the field, the Norfolk is a terrier through and through, with a feisty, scrappy spirit and plenty of energy for the next great adventure. She may be tiny, but buckle your seatbelts - you are in for a terrier of a good time.

  • Cheerful and highly active, Norwegian Buhunds form strong bonds with their families, and they love to snuggle and give kisses. They need plenty of exercise and stimulation, and love to play.

  • The Norwegian Elkhound may look threatening, but he can be a sweetie-pie to his people. Threaten those people, however, and this medium-sized, ancient Nordic breed is fully capable of acting as intimidating as he looks.

  • Lundehunds are very loving and playful; they form strong bonds, and prefer their own family to any other people. They are also curious and intelligent so they need plenty of engaging toys, and do well at agility training.

  • You wanna make something of it? The tiny Norwich Terrier does! This scrappy, feisty, but totally adorable little wire-haired terrier with the prick ears has courage ten times his size. At home, he is all play and mischief, with a great sense of humor and an independent streak that can make training a challenge, but terrier lovers cannot resist his classic terrier attitude.

  • The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, affectionately called a Toller by her fans, is a recent addition to American Kennel Club activities. A high-energy dog, the are affectionate and outgoing.

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