Skunk Remedy Recipe


If your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, follow this recipe for a remedy to get rid of the smell! Combine the following ingredients and add 1 quart of tepid water to ensure complete coverage for large dogs:
1 Quart Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1-2 teaspoons of Dawn dish liquid or hand soap

Apply the formula to the pet, working deeply into the fur, and allow to set for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water after 5 minutes. Repeat if necessary.


The mixture must be used promptly and will not work if stored for any length of time.
Do not store in a closed container. The container could break as the peroxide releases oxygen.
The pet’s fur (as well as clothing, towels, and carpeting) may be bleached by the formula.

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