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    This morning I had a very difficult decision to make in putting my cat Owen (@17 years old) down. Dr. Sonnekalb reassured me that I was making the right decision when he saw Owen. We have been working together with Owen and his medical condition for many years.

    Dr. David is blessed with being such a compassionate person. He even gave me a big hug at the end. Thank you so much and Owen thanks you too.

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    Sand creek animal hospital is where I have been going to since their opening and wouldnt go anywhere else. My animals all go there, and have all been very well cared for.

    I recommend people constantly to go there, they are the best!!!! Thank you sand creek for all you have done for my entire crew through the years. Meg roberts Pets at ease pet sitting

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    o the Providers and Staff at sand Creek, You are true examples of what any client would expect in their vet. We are going through a tough time with our 6 month old puppy penelope at the moment, and your staff has made us feel nothing but safe and reassured.

    Every step of the way we are receiving calls and updates on her status. We appreciate everything that the staff has done and continue to do for our little love and our Buddy to!!. You are all so wonderful!! Thank you so much!!

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    Our beloved companion of more than 13 years, Duval (a handsome, loving black standard poodle), passed away a week ago. He had been struggling with various health issues for a few years, and the last year was particularly challenging for him.

    At the same time, the last few months of his life were truly a gift — for him, for us, and for our two other dogs (who adored him as well). Dr. Sonnekalb helped us to make important decisions about Duval’s medical care, including the removal of a huge lipoma that gave him a new lease of life and enabled him to enjoy some of his best days in years.

    When we found out that Duval had cancer before Christmas, Dr. Sonnekalb was straight with us about what to expect (while always be sensitive and caring). His honesty and compassion helped us to prepare ourselves as well as to be aware of the signs that Duval might be ready to go.

    Dr. Sonnekalb helped us to trust ourselves to make the right decisions for Duval. Despite the deep sense of loss that we feel, we have peace in believing that we did right by him. He brought us so much joy, and we are so lucky that that we were able in return to help him to have a good quality of life until the end and to avoid suffering.

    Our biggest fear was that he would be alone or would suffer at the end, and neither happened. We still can’t find the words to adequately express our gratitude to Dr. Sonnekalb and the team at Sand Creek — not just on Duval’s last day but every day that we needed them.

    It was always such a comfort to know that you were all there to help and that you cared. We are heartbroken by the loss of our precious Duval, but we are comforted by our belief that he received the best care possible and that he did not suffer.

    Thank you again, Dr. Sonnekalb, and thank you to each and every member of the staff for your kindness and compassion, including the beautiful card with Duval’s paw print. We treasure it. Carol and Tim Healey

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    I brought my cat Preston into Sand Creek vet yesterday. We saw Dr. Sonne Kalb, Himself and the tech were extremely friendly and seemed to truly care about Preston. Thank you to everyone and Sand Creek Animal Hospital.

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    My husband and I can not say enough wonderful things about Sand Creek Animal Hospital! The staff and doctors are always kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable.

    We simply could not imagine trusting the care of our “furry children” to any one else! Thank you!

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    I just switched to Sand Creek Animal Hospital just recently and I was very impressed with the staff and how well the Dr’s worked with my animals. I feel the whole staff really cares about my concerns and has my animals best interest in heart.

    I felt the Dr was in no rush to push me out the door, she spent time with me and my animals and answered all my questions and I did not feel like I was a bother.

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    This was my first visit at your clinic. It was a great experience. You all treated my dog wonderfully. He was so calm and at ease.

    You explained everything perfectly and I left feeling very confident in how to care for him at home. He was in pain yesterday and by this morning he was up moving around on his own and I was so ecstatic. I am grateful to you all for your compassion and care.

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    The staff and vets at Sand Creek Animal Hospital are both professional and passionate about pet care. I highly recommend their services. I am very impressed with their follow up calls after visits.

    They go above and beyond to make sure you have both information and tools to keep your pets healthy and happy. They also are on call when emergencies happen after hours and return calls promptly.

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    We were referred to Dr. McDaniel about 7 years ago when our dog was seriously ill. Dr. McDaniel and his office were so compassionate and understanding of our struggle to help our dog, as well as do what was best for him.

    They helped us through the next 9 months as we gave him the best life possible given his illness. After his passing, we received such a heartwarming, sensitive card from Dr. McDaniel’s office. We have never forgotten the caring and sensitivity he gave to us during this most difficult time.

    We eventually adopted another “baby” in the form of a happy, friendly, excited beagle who loves everyone he meets. Thank you for your kindness over the years! It is appreciated more than you know.