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    Just wanted to let you guys know I am going to miss you all! Unfortunately since we’ve moved you are too far away now. But thanks for everything you’ve done throughout the years and thanks for being there for me through good and bad! You are the best!

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    Sand Creek, you guys are the best. If anyone wants caring,comforting vets this is the place. And anytime you need advice they’re there for you. Thanks everyone.

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    My children and I had such a wonderful experience there. It was a first for all of us. We were greatly reassured by the “good prognosis” given to our loved, Speckles, and would definitely return there if any pet were to need medical treatment.

    Everyone was friendly and made my family and I feel welcome and happy. I was surprised by the availability of our appointment, hardly any wait time, and the cost of our visit was lower than I expected. Thank you so much Sand Creek Animal Hospital!!

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    You guys are great. I highly recommend Sand Creek Animal Hospital! So does my kitty Samson!

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    Thank you very much for seeing Duval on such short notice on Wednesday. He had something caught in his throat, and we were worried that he would have trouble breathing. You understood our concern when we called to announce that we were just showing up!

    We know that Dr. McDaniel saw us on a day when he was booked solid, and we truly appreciate it. Of course (and luckily), Duval’s issue appeared to resolve before we saw the doctor.

    However, it was reassuring to know that you were there and willing to see us for what we considered a potential emergency.

    Dr. Sonnekalb (who was off that day) is always so caring, helpful, and responsive, and Dr. McDaniel only confirmed that we are clients of the best animal care facility in the area, if not anywhere! The staff is always so friendly and helpful too.

    Both Duval and Blu are very comfortable with everyone whenever we are there (probably too often, but you always understand). We are very grateful and just wanted you to know.

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    My resident cat (Honey, age 5) and my recently deceased cat (Rusty, age 17) were clients of another animal hospital. When we adopted Alexander (age 7mos) just this past Saturday and he was sick, we couldn’t get a timely appt with our vet so I called your Hospital and you were able to see Alexander much sooner so I went to you…..boy am I glad I did! As you know, Alex was very sick and needed immediate attention!

    Dr Carmichael saw him and treated him. I laid down with Alexander last night and ended up falling asleep with him next to me….only to be awoken by his fit of sneezing. I was SO scared when he was sneezing blood! I called your Hospital and left a message.

    Within a few moments, Dr Sonnekalb called. I explained what had happened and he said I needed to get the bleeding to stop and if I couldn’t, to take him to Emergency. The bleeding did stop and all was good. Dr Sonnekalb called me first thing this morning to check on Alexander!

    What a WONDERFUL thing to do! Alexander is doing MUCH better already and I am VERY thankful to YOU for that. Alexander AND Honey will both be patients at your wonderful facility! Customer Service means a LOT to me and you have proven to me that you REALLY care about my pet(s)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    I am so happy to have been referred to your care. I am very impressed with everyone I met from reception through to the examination. My cat Holly has never behaved so well!!!!!! Being able to pay my bill in the exam room, exit out the back directly to the parking lot, and not having to go back through reception is huge to a cat owner.

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    I just wanted to express my pleasure in the care that my dog Baron has recieved since he joined us last March. I have had dogs most of my life and have dealt with many veterinarians. Dr. Sonnekalb has been amazing. It is so obvious that he cares for each pet.

    He has gone above and beyond what can be expected. He remembers names and problems. He calls to check on Baron. He has been a pleasure to deal with. He is a true gem in your practice. All of your techs have also been amazing.

    When Baron comes through the door he is treated like a King! They all know his name and they are on the floor greating him! You people are doing a great job! Thank you!