Parasites Reduce the Risk

9 Easy Steps to Reduce the Risk of Parasitic Infection

You can easily reduce the risk to your family and pets from parasite infections by following these simple preventive measures.

1. Deworm your dog or cat on a regular schedule recommended by your veterinarian. This removes intestinal parasites and reduces additional contamination of the environment.

2. Practice good hygiene. Wash hands regularly, especially after handling pets or cleaning up pet waste.

3. Remove pet droppings from your yard at least 2-3 times a week. Daily is best to eliminate potential contamination. Children should avoid playing in known animal toilating areas. Cover sandboxes when not in use.

4. Keep pets flea-free. Flea transmit disease, and ingestion of fleas can transmit tapeworms to animals and people.

5. Do not allow children to go barefood, sit or lie on playgrounds or in parks where they are exposed to animal stools. Hookworm larvae can penetrate the skin.

6. Clean cat litter boxes daily and wash hands afterward.

7. Do not drink water from streams or other sources that may be contaminated with animal feces.

8. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating.

9. Keep pets clean; bathe pets after deworming.

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