Purina Certified Weight Coach Program

New Clinic Resource Available to Help Owners of Overweight Pets

For owners concerned about their pudgy pet’s health and wellness, help is as close as a consultation away. Ryan, our new Purina Certified Weight Coach, has completed a comprehensive pet nutrition and weight management training course that equips him to work one-on-one with new and existing clients of Sand Creek Animal Hospital to create a feeding and activity program that will help each pet achieve a healthy weight and physique.

According to an Association for Pet Obesity Prevention survey, more than 50 percent of the dogs and cats in America are facing obesity. By working with a weight coach, owners get the support they need to help their pets sustain weight loss and reduce the risks associated with obesity. These health risks include diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

With the right tools and support—including a diet formulated for weight loss and a plan for regular exercise or activity—owners can help reverse what has become a growing trend of pet obesity. However, just as no two pets are alike, weight loss programs also differ.

Depending on the lifestyle of the owner, health status of the pet and special needs and preferences of both pets and owners, of the pet and owner, a unique, individualized plan is created by the weight coach to help give the pet the best chance at success.

This plan should include a program goal and timeline as well as specific dietary and exercise guidelines. The program can be tailored to include dry and/or canned food as well as treats.

The Purina Certified Weight Coach program is part of Project: Pet Slim Down,™ a nationwide initiative that unites pet owners and veterinarians together to achieve lasting pet weight loss by utilizing in-clinic support and resources but also allows owners to become part of a supportive, virtual community that is dedicated to sharing experience and giving encouragement to pet owners.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Ryan, call us at 518-446-9171.

To learn more about helping your pet achieve a healthy weight, visit: http://www.projectpetslimdown.com/

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