Great Animal Hospital

My resident cat (Honey, age 5) and my recently deceased cat (Rusty, age 17) were clients of another animal hospital. When we adopted Alexander (age 7mos) just this past Saturday and he was sick, we couldn’t get a timely appt with our vet so I called your Hospital and you were able to see Alexander much sooner so I went to you…..boy am I glad I did! As you know, Alex was very sick and needed immediate attention!

Dr Carmichael saw him and treated him. I laid down with Alexander last night and ended up falling asleep with him next to me….only to be awoken by his fit of sneezing. I was SO scared when he was sneezing blood! I called your Hospital and left a message.

Within a few moments, Dr Sonnekalb called. I explained what had happened and he said I needed to get the bleeding to stop and if I couldn’t, to take him to Emergency. The bleeding did stop and all was good. Dr Sonnekalb called me first thing this morning to check on Alexander!

What a WONDERFUL thing to do! Alexander is doing MUCH better already and I am VERY thankful to YOU for that. Alexander AND Honey will both be patients at your wonderful facility! Customer Service means a LOT to me and you have proven to me that you REALLY care about my pet(s)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I Love SCAH!